Japanese Hibachis

Japanese hibachi 1

Japanese hibachis are traditional heating devices. Made from or lined with a heat proof material. And designed to hold burning charcoal. Today we use these elegant objects as decorative accents in our home. In the image below a Japanese lacquered hibachi holds a bunch of orchids. This image is taken from François Catroux’s latest book by the same name. Japanese hibachis

Japanese hibachi 2

Japanese kiriwood hibachi with gold lacquer sun flowers. And cooper insert.

H: 9″ x 17.5″D


Japanese hibachi 3

Kiriwood hibachi with lacquer carriage in gold and mother of pearl accents.

Meiji 1868 – 1912

H: 9″ x D: 15″



Japanese hibachi 4

Taisho hibachi with with deer and branches with fall leaves in lacquer and mother of pearl.

H: 8.5″ x D: 15″



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