Jewelry For Furniture


Jewelry For Furniture.

JEWELRY FOR FURNITURE is a decorative hardware collection created by Lisa Jarvis.  

In a world of smart homes and voice commands there are some tasks that demand a bit of physical exertion. Such as, pulling on doors and opening drawers aided by the use of knobs and pulls. Here Lisa has elevated the experience with her high quality and distinctive designs – JEWELRY FOR FURNITURE 

This month’s   q&a   Focus On: Designer Lisa Jarvis

What is your birth sign?

An Aquarian with, luckily, a lot of houses in Virgo. Creativity with organization.

What was the inspiration for creating JEWELRY FOR FURNITURE?

Funny how inspiration springs from the perception of lack. The whole “necessity is the mother of invention” concept… I needed hardware for my then case goods line and could find nothing I loved. So, I drew the Barre and the Lily for myself, my intrepid husband located a  foundry that could make them with a crazy two week deadline; my first show (NYC 2011.) The reaction? “OMG! Where did you get this hardware?” inspired me to expand the line. Thankfully, the reaction from the design community is still the same!

Delicious Standard Poodle -Lyra


Do you have a favorite pull?

If I had to choose, I think it would be the “Lyra/Lily“. One of the two first, Lyra is the name of my delicious Standard poodle and with the backplate making it Lily. The Lily is a reminder of the lily pads in the summer on the lake.

lyra lily

Do you have a design philosophy?

Be independent. Be an individual. Make what you like. Trend following doesn’t create anything new…



Is there a part of the design process that is your favorite and why?

There are two times within the process that are the most rewarding. First, when I am able to reach a drawing that I decide is final and then when it comes from the foundry for the first time. Creation/fruition. Of course, the daily feedback of how much the pieces are loved ain’t bad either!

What advice would you give a young entrepreneur trying to enter the world of design and manufacturing?

Start small. Build on your success. Research your manufacturer. Debt and unscrupulous manufacturers have killed many great ideas.

How would you describe your style?

Curious and searching for beauty and information.

Do you collect and if so, what?

It seems I collect bird imagery – it’s funny about collections. I like something and over time I realize I have a lot of it! Also, paintings of trees and landscapes. Nature. The most inspiring. Nests, small skeletons, insects, a real cabinet of wonders! Smile!

What is your most favorite item in your possession?

day of dead

I have several, so I imagine the proverbial fire – What would you grab? Aside from my dog, computer and wallet… My first, bought on layaway at 16 because I had to have it, would be my antique dead crane calling card holder. It has hung and still hangs in every house I have lived in and still gives me a punch of desire when I see it. The second is a magic realism sort of oil painting. A circus freak show tableau. “Rosalina y la Mujera Caimana”. A woman in control of a caiman with the head of a woman, oh and the tiny wire and clay Day of the Dead skeleton! So many wonderful things!

LJ collection

What would you NOT be caught dead with?

Possessions covered in LOGOS!!! If I am going to be a sandwich board – Pay me!

What does every room need?

Ambient light, a book and at least one item that you consider really beautiful or that holds meaning that touches a place of stillness.

What are you currently working on?

I am planning my booth for our debut at the hard to get into Architectural Digest show. March 16 – 19 Pier 94 NYC. And the launch of my new Sophisticated Child line.

AD show 2017

What are your goals for 2017?

GROWING! Launching “The Sophisticated Child” my new line of charming pulls and knobs for kids and tweens and the young at heart. I want to double my business for the third year running! I want to deepen and expand into more restaurant and hospitality and add another 500 happy clients.

Where can we find JEWELRY FOR FURNITURE?

Lisa Jarvis Jewelry for furniture can be seen online at Please feel free to contact me.

Anything else you would like our readers to know?

If you are looking for a delicious possession, just the thing for the room with the book and the ambient light, go to Sutter Antiques.



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