Asian Art Exhibition

Asian art exhibition

Asian Art Exhibition

Exhibition hours:

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon – 5pm | 551 Warren Street | 2nd Floor | Hudson, NY

Sutter Antiques  – 556 Warren Street | Hudson, NY

open everyday except Wednesdays.

From : 11am – 5pm.


Alfons Sutter has created an assemblage of decorative objects from Asia. Simple elegant works by Japanese artisans. Sophisticated potteries and bronzes. From the Taisho and Showa periods. In addition to the thirty screens currently on view,  there’s a selection of stoneware as well as a collection of lacquer ware. Asian Art Exhibition.

meiji Japanese screen

Japanese screens or byobu. Exquisite Japanese works of art on paper. Often depicting landscapes. The six fold panels pictured above has hills and fruit blossom. As well as, maple trees and seasonal flowers. Ink and polychrome on paper. Asian Art Exhibition.


Japanese crane screen

Japanese screen depicting cranes.

In Japanese culture the crane represents good fortune and longevity. Asian Art Exhibition.

Polychrome on gold leaf background.


Striped Japanese vase

Japanese vase

Striped Japanese vase. Large yakimono pottery vase.  Raised striped surface in earth tones. Artist signature on bottom of vase as well as box. Asian Art Exhibition.


Shigaraki Urn

Shigaraki urn. Pottery as well as similar stoneware made in Japan. This large urn also has a wooden lid. Asian Art Exhibition.



Japanese hawk bronze

Bronze with hawk standing on a rock.

Birds of prey. Often depicted in Japanese works of art. Many artist of various schools used falcons in their art work,  including screens. Asian Art Exhibition.



Shikki box1

Lacquer box

Shikki Box5

Shikki box. Japanese round lacquer ware box from the Meiji period. Stylized gold flowers and vines on lid as well as on the bottom. Red interior with branch bearing berries. Asian Art Exhibition.


Lacquered Hibachis

Lacquered hibachis with brass inserts


lacquer trays

Series of Lacquer trays

Vignette head

Stone Tibetan head along of Japanese bronze vase.

Daruma pottery

Pottery Daruma

Japanese 19th century. Daruma, as he is known in Japan, is considered the founder of Zen Buddhism.

Japanese silver rabbits.

Pair of signed silver bronzed rabbits.

vignette plates

Pictured here. Pair of Taisho period bronze plates along with large Chinese vase with figures in front of a framed Japanese textile of tiger.

19th century Japanese framed scroll of tiger. Ink on silk with brocade border. Height 69.25″ x W: 43″

Large Chinese porcelain vase.

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