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Design trends. Trend setter, John Roselli is Veranda’s Icon & Innovator in the 2016 July – August issue.  Here’s a snippet from the article. “Antiquaire Roselli has seen trends come and go, from the 1960’s rage for majolica to the rise of chintz in the ’80’s.” He is quoted as saying “A room should have a sense of history.”  His reproduction and original designs –Venetian mirrors, bone inlay tables in modern shapes coexist flawlessly with his collection of antiques. Pictured above is a collection of reproduction porcelain.

Design trends. Below is a collection of antique blue and white porcelain from Sutter Antiques. Hudson, NY. Visit our showroom to view a large collection of porcelain from Europe and Asia.

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Design Trends – Chinese export porcelain includes a wide range of porcelain decorated in China exclusively for export to Europe. And later to North America between the 16th and the 20th century.

Design trends Japanese charger

Japanese charger with apple blossoms. 19th century 12″D $350.00


Design trends Chinese vase

Chinese vase with peacock. 19th century 18″H x 8.5″D $1200.00


Desgin trends Japanese charger 1

Japanese charger with peony blossoms. 19th century 12″D $350.00

Design trends eight Chinese plates

One of eight Chinese plates. Pine tree with mountains and waterfall in background. $450.00 12″D

In the 18th century export porcelain continued to be produced for the European markets.

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