Purely Patricia

Purely patricia

Some people watch kitty videos on YouTube to chase away the blues. Others take a more aggressive approach with the help of mood altering drugs. When my spirits need lifting I tap on my Instagram app and hashtag – #Purelypatricia.

Welcome to this month’s  post bug Focus On: Assemblage artist, fashion muse, interior designer and INSTAGRAM sensation – Patricia Fox.

What inspires you and keeps you motivated?

My inspiration springs eternal. As a very visual person I am constantly stimulated by people, things, immediate surroundings and of course nature. I live in NYC which is a breeding ground for diversity. Often I  see something, or imagine something and be totally excited to begin my creative process.

street scene

photograph courtesy of: Gabriel de la Portilla

Do you approach your assemblage art, dressing yourself and interior styling in the same manner?

An assemblage of Purely Patricia’s assemblages

purely patricia3

This is a great question! I sense the answer is no. My style and sensibility are very strong and consistent so in that way there is a common thread. However, my assemblage art is a meditative process selecting and choosing elements from my cache’ of collected items to create wearable art and objects. I love working with my hands and getting lost in intricacy. I dress myself according to a feeling, mood, where I am going and that one piece in my closet that becomes my focal point of inspiration.  My interior design is a business. I approach it with one goal in mind. My client’s happiness and satisfaction.

room setting


Do you have a favorite outfit?

No! I view my ensembles as creative confections that come from a passionate feeling for a piece of clothing or accessory that I want to wear. I then pull from my collection all of the supporting elements to create something new, fresh and exciting.

What memorable responses have you had to your art?

An advertising executive recently went to an important event at the Museum of Modern Art and her goal was to stand out, make an impression and be the topic of unforgettable conversation. She asked me to make her one of my “Head Whimseys”. It was a huge black crepe paper rose appearing to teeter on her head. Mission accomplished!

What could you not live without?

Love. People. Charity. Smiles. Passion. Commitment. Peace. Abundance. Spiritual Wealth.


Smiling Buddha

What would you not be caught dead wearing?

Jeans with holes in the knees. Panty hose. Velcro. Metal findings on clothes. Black leather pants.

Do you ever lend out an article of clothing?

Definitely NOT!

Select a head piece from your collection and take us through the design process.

Head Whimsey

purely patricia2

I own over 100 hats and am known for my collection of vintage, designer head pieces as well as my own creations. So I am going to choose one that I designed and created from scratch for the NYC Easter Parade on 5th Avenue. The competition to stand out and be photographed by Bill Cunningham, the press, and Humans of New York is fierce. I become obsessed and a perfectionist knowing that hundreds of people will be in a photo with me, chasing me, following me and photographing me from all angles. It is craziness and fun!

It was a very complicated piece that I had in mind. The head piece was to be 2.5 feet high with several wired moving parts. It was a confection of huge paper flowers, glitter butterflies, hand-painted bees and groupings of multi colored spiral curly cues. The challenge was to make it evenly weighted so it balanced on my head and was secure enough not to fall off. I took a NYC pedicab to the parade as a taxi was out of the question. The “head whimsey” took approximately 20 hours to make and cost $450. I was told that day by a well known artist that I looked like a “WALKING INSTALLATION”.

What should every closet have?

I design a lot of closet spaces for clients. The goal is organization, increase hanging and a place for everything. Fabulous hangars. A closet organizing/dividing system. Plastic shoe drawers. Step stool.

What are your goals for 2017?

My life and interests are very diversified. I am building my PURELYPATRICIA BRAND on INSTAGRAM and am working with several agencies to be an influencer and participate in ad campaigns. I am looking to work with non profit in a very creative way. There is potential for a net cable tv show… so lots of exciting new things in the works in order to stay relevant in a fast paced world.

purely patricia

Purely Patricia in Advance Style

Frank Rosa



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